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A little house on the lake (for trout farming) as we walk...


A pre-Hispanic road over the mountain

He's a bit furry

Llamas and donkeys just released from their morning work


That's Isla del Sol in the distance


Our walk from Copacabana is certainly beautiful!


And it's still getting more beautiful!

The boat from Yampupata is only 20 minutes (but we are the...



Isla de la Luna with the impressive Cordillera Real near La Paz...


The Sun Temple ruins on the southern part of Isla del Sol...

That's our boat leaving us

These ruins have small little rooms (and it seems that the Incas...

A tourist boat made of reed to show how the Incas sailed

You have to give the Incas an A+ for style and location!



He is sooo cute!!

Having lunch with Carolynn (from Canada)

The view from outside our hostal Perta del Sol



The Inca fountains, and the three symbolize the Inca's philosopy: Don't lie,...

The Inca steps


Sunset over the Sun Island





Sunrise over the Cordillera Real





Donkeys going to work at dawn

Our hostal on the hill

We walked the two hours the the northern part of the island...

Bolivia is landlocked but it still has a very pretty beach


The remains of the northern Sun Temple

This is where the Incas said the sun was born - and...


This is the Sacred Rock that looks a bit like a frog


The Labyrinth - there are very cool passages in these ruins



This was the altar opposite the Sacred Rock

Gi being the sun - she certainly glows!!

This Bolivian lake beach certainly gives a lot of the sea-side ones...

Saying goodbye to the Inca steps and Isla del Sol as we...

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We decided to walk from Copacabana to Yampupata, which is just across the strait from Isla del Sol. The walk was beautiful, and a fairly easy 4 hours (tho the sun is seriously strong here!): we had stunning lake views most of the time. We also passed local highland people releasing their llamas and donkeys to graze after work - highland Bolivia as you imagine it!

Isla del Sol is incredible - the Incas really knew how to pick their sacred sites! Wonderful views of very blue Lake Titicaca, Coati (Isla de la Luna), and the snow-capped Cordillera Real. We watched the sun set and rise (which seemed appropriate since it was born here!), visited the inca ruins, walked the 'spine' of the island, sat on one of Bolivia's very few beaches, made new friends, and generally loved it here!

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