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Driving to Hyder from the viewing stand, we saw this black bear...

After dinner, we went back to the platform and this was the...

This 2nd wolf was a lot braver, came closer and got dinner.

Two of the wolves together.

The 1st grizzly we saw here chasing dinner. (Didn't get it)

The 2nd bear on the hunt.

He got his dinner

Our 3rd wolf sighting and last of the night.

Day 97, Monday, July 30, 2012

It was a gray, gloomy, rainy morning. We stayed put and did some laundry, played on our computers, and watched the Olympics on TV. We can’t connect to the internet on either one of our computers, so we can’t post. After lunch, the weather lifted a bit so we went back to Hyder and stopped at the general store to look for a magnet for the fridge collection. We talked to the owner of the store a bit. There used to be a school there but you have to have a certain number of kids to have a school and when two kids graduated, they had to close the school. Now they have to be home schooled or pay a lot of money to go to school in Stewart. For anything official, they have to fly to Ketchikan. He drives to Washington once a year in a cargo truck to stock up on supplies. As we were talking, another local guy comes in all upset. He said he put his trash up on top of his motorhome for 2 minutes when he forgot something. In that 2 minutes, the black bear (with the 3 cubs we saw) climbed up on his pickup to get to the trash. He scared her off with a bear banger but the cubs took off with the trash. She dented in the roof of his pickup and he was mad. He said a bear got into someone else’s house but the owners were upstairs and ran him out before he could wreck the house.

There was nothing going on at Fish Creek so we didn’t stay long. There is usually not much action in the middle of the day. We decided to go home and have dinner and come back out in the evening. On our way home, we saw a black bear cross the road in front of us and start eating grass and flowers on the side of the road.

We went back out about 6:30. The mama and cub had just been there a half hour before. I sat down and started reading a book, not hoping for much. Pretty soon, Rob spots what he thought was a bear downstream. It was a wolf. It crossed the creek and moved out of sight. Two minutes later, there’s another one. This one turned towards us, moving through the creek, looking for a fish. He was so close, I could see his yellow eyes. He kept stopping and looking at all the people like he couldn’t quite figure out if it was okay or not. But he kept coming, lunging for fish and missing. Then he grabbed a big salmon in his jaws that likely weighed 10-12 pounds or so. He walked off to the bank carrying this huge fish in his mouth and started eating. The first wolf came back out of the bushes and had a few bites too.

After they moved off, Rob spots a brown bear in the same spot the wolves came from. He headed right towards us walking down the middle of the creek. He made some tries at catching a fish, but didn’t seem to be trying too hard. All the people on the boardwalk follow along as the bear walks in the stream. He turned off into the bushes and went across the road.

Then I noticed that two cars on the road hit their brakes and slowed down. I knew something was coming. A few minutes later another brown bear appears in the same spot. Like the first one, he turned our way and wandered down the middle of the creek. This one was way more intent on catching a fish. He went back and forth right in front of us, jumping and splashing. He went off down the creek toward the parking lot. Rob stayed with him and I went back to the end because people were looking at something else. When I got back there, a third wolf had come out to eat on that same fish. This one was very leery of the people. She kept staring at us, then took a bite and stared some more. She had markings on her face that made her look pretty scary looking. Back at the other end of the boardwalk, Rob got to see the bear finally catch his fish, drag it up to shore and start to eat it.

What a great opportunity we had today. In our travels, we have occasionally seen wolves from afar but not in a million years would I have thought we could watch three wolves so close that I could see the color of their eyes. It was awesome.

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