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Well, we are back in Jom Tien at Kate's brothers house. We arrived after nearly 24 hours of travel including 10 hours back in a third class no air con overnight train (exactly what we swore up and down we would never do again... actually, not so bad after a while in the country). It was not a totally smooth journey, turns out every bus to Bangkok is full on a friday night, and no amount of hours standing by the side of the road flagging them down can help. We spent a night in our least favorite place yet, and are trying to put it behind us. Three days of relaxing and watching bootleg TV series has certainly done the job. We are incredibly excited for tomorrow's arrival of Jen and Robin, and can hardly believe that it is really happening. We have many adventures in mind for the next month, and we're sure things will get crazier with twice as many of us:)


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