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Hey Mum, nice tree!!

Part of the Acropolis

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View from Acropolis

An ancient temple

Just a nice Piccy

Marble paved streets.

And you thought the Aussie Military looked funny!

We left Bangkok after a few days spent lazing around buying last minute things and laughing at Lars every time he said "wisa".

We hopped onto the plane and spent a good 11 hours listening to screaming kids and getting fed to the point of bursting.

We arrived in Athens at six am and spent a few hours sitiing in a cafe listening to a guy tell us his greatest memory of Australia was taking enough drugs to even make Marradonna go weak at the knees.

After hopping on the bus we got into the sitting and suffered yet another bout of what we call "first day-itis".

After arriving at our hotel without any hassles we were told we were being put up at another hotel. fine we say,"where is it?". After getting some dodgy directions it was a monumental steep trek to the next hotel with about 20 kilos on our backs and some svere jet lag.

We arrived at the hotel and it was closed. It had been closed down in the winter and we were the first guests. That's fine you say? not if there are no staff to open the door. After waiting half an hour we finally called them and they sent someone over.

We took off to tour abit of Athens and had a gape at how expensive everything is going to be from now. We reckon it will cost about $50-80 dollars a day if we take it easy.

Athens is quite a beautifuil city, contrary to the lonely planet write up. The streets and gutters are made of polished black or white marble and we have a marble stair case which leads up to a room just like the dodgy guesthouses on Kho San road.

We spent the night wandering around and found the best gyros in the world for $1.50 euro each.

We ran into some crazy greek t shirt shop owner who dragged us into his shop and showed us his collection of australian notes. He had the old one dollar and two dollar notes and even the original aboriginal ten dollar note. He gave me a Greek Drachma and told me that this was the original currency and the Euro was crap.

We spent today visiting all the ancient sights and it is truly amazing. The buildings around the acropolis are beautiful and the statues in the museums are great.

The internet is pretty hefty here so we'll put some photo's on and update you when we get to Italy where we should be sailing to in a few days.

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