2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

Winnie at San Jacinto Riverfront RV Park

Fire ant welts

Houston skyline

Anybody know what Beaver nuggets are?

Luling watermelon tower

The cow jumped over the moon

World's Largest Mobile Pecan

Is this guy going to lose his load?

Winnie at Alamo Fiesta RV Resort in Boerne, TX

We started the dayoff at the tire dealer. Fortunately upon inspection, the tire that went flat yesterday was not damaged so I had it reinflated, balanced, and remounted. So far so good.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of laying down in the grass to look under Winnie while we were changing the tire. Fire ants! My arm was covered with them and they all seemed to bite at once. You can see the reult in the pictures.

I just can't resist getting off of the Interstate. My first stop was to see if I could get take-out BBQ in a restaurant in Katy, TX. You may have seen something in the news over the last couple of weeks about Nonmacher's BarBQ Restaurant. They appparently have a poster that was hung up over 30 years ago amidst the Iranian Hostage Crisis that disparages Iranians. It apparently hasn't been a problem until recently. You can read about it at the following web site and make up your own mind: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/BBQ-joint-with-Iranian-poster-draws-fans-and-2254303.php#photo-1730728 Unfortunately I didn't get the BBQ because they were sold out from the weekend.

My second detour was at Luling, TX. The town is an oil town with oil wells in peoples back yards and old oil pump jacks around town have been decorated with goofy plywood paintings of animals and characters -- a cow jumping over the moon, a shark, and a yokel eating a big slice of watermelon. When you enter town from the interstate, the first thing you see is a watermelon water tower. The horizontal green and light yellow stripes, combined with the shape of the 56 ft. diameter storage tank, creates a good watermelon effect. I got a few pictures of the tower and oil well jacks.

From Luling, we went over to Seguin to see the world's largest mobile pecan. It's a 10-ft. tall fiberglass steel-framed sculpture on a truck frame with wheels. It's next to the Pape Pecan House (www.papepecan.com). A sign at its base reads "Pape Pecan Co."

After the pecan, it was on to the San Antonio area. Since it was rush hour when I got there, I decided to forgo a trip into the city to see the Alamo. A disappointment. I'll have to save it for another trip.

Tomorrow it's on to ElPaso and beyond.

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