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9/7/2014. Sunday. I AM An IRON MAN!

After a harrowing afternoon yesterday, the evening hours turned a little frosty. Since we got in later than expected, I didn't quite have the RV as level as one would like. Our tail end was lower causing the water to pool in the shower necessitating a certain bather to squeegee the water into the drain. Said bather was none too happy with unsaid pilot who had humble pie spread all over his face from previous prickly encounters. You would think that things couldn't get any worse but you have another thing coming; There seems to be a speedway nearby and the race cars began blowing their pipes to announce at 9pm the beginning of many heats of racing lasting until after midnight. Oh, one other annoyance: there was a bright night light shining into our bedroom windows. Now, allow me to consolidate our evening's events: the water wouldn't drain in the shower, stock cars were blaring their engines, a bright light was shining into our bedroom AND since the RV's rear end was not level, we had to clutch he sheets to prevent us from tumbling onto the floor!

The Navigator had enough of this and chose to sleep on the mostly level couch and cover her head in a blanket to block out the noise and light. Since I now had the bed to myself, I spread out like a spider and gripped the sheets with both hands and both sets of toes. What a night!

This morning the day looked much brighter and the temps outside ( and inside ) were much cooler. The Navigator cleaned and reorganized the RV cabinets, washed and groomed Enya and I took a towel and wiped the mud off the RAV4. We also did laundry today and I ironed the ironables. Tomorrow we are off to Corning, NY that is supposedly only 4 hrs from Williamsport, Md. We shall see what prevails.

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