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View of La Paz

On our way to Nevada Chacaltaya (it was the highest ski run...

Pretty lakes and the old ski lodge

We start our trek up to 5400m on the old ski run

It just gets prettier with every step (and the steps are very...


Yea.. made it to the top



The mountain in the background is Huayna Potosi

Huayna Potosi - some people climb it in two days!!

5400m was not good enough for Tara and Nathan (he's on our...


This gives you an idea of where they are





Da and Nathan


Skis from the 1970s




Baby Llamas

A unique city


Valle de la Luna formed by natural erosion on these clay mountains




A local playing his flute on the top of the Valle

That's where he is exactly




A pretty street in La Paz with all the museums - the...

We found our museum (Instruments of Bolivia), one of the few open...

They have displays of every instrument that was used in Bolivia...

...and they let you play them!!



This parakeet climbed up his tree to whistle along to Tara playing...










There he is whistling along with her

A group of guys practicing their music



Locals playing in front the San Francisco church - very cool outfits

This beautiful restaurant had beautiful lighting and everything you could imagine on...



How is this for a take-off photo!!


Around La Paz is stunning


Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Flute playing on the Valle de la Luna

(MP4 - 1.18 MB)

Local music by the San Francisco church

La Paz is huge, and its setting incredible: it seems to have slid up the steep walls of its valley and spilled over onto the flat land above, and from one side of the valley, the houses on the other side look doll-like. We spent some time wandering the steep and sometimes pretty streets, and (embarrasingly!) in an English pub (mostly for their English tea - even more embarrasingly!). We also visited Chacaltayo, which used to have the highest ski run in the world, but its 15000 yr old glacier has melted over the last 20 years, and now it has the highest non-functioning ski lift, which is very sad. We still got to climb to over 5300m tho - and the views and different coloured lakes were gorgeous! On the same day, we visited the 'Valley of the Moon' at around 3000m - it has beautiful and unusual wind- and rain-sculpted rock formations which we can't describe - you have to look at the pics. We stayed a day longer than we'd planned cos travelling on labour day isn't recommended, and then caught a flight (yes, a flight - not a bus!!) to Santa Cruz in the hope that we'd be able to find people to visit a nearby(ish) national park with, and get out of Santa Cruz before their referendum on the 4th (missing the 18hr bus journey was just a bonus!!).

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