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Peruvian child

The Incas never made it safe to go and see their ruins!!

Sacred Valley

Pisco Ruins

Inca Farming

The size of the stones used and carried up to the top...


Can you see the face?


Inca Wassi

We said our goodbyes to Shirley and checked into a different hotel in Cuzco. We were exhausted from the day, so we had an early dinner (no rodents this time) and turned in early.

The next day we went on a tour of the Sacred Valley. This was not a private tour, so we went along with a bus full of people. We visited three more Inca towns, not as impressive as Machu Picchu but still amazing. L said he wanted to curse the Incas for building everything so high. Why make things more difficult when you could build something without carrying it up a mountain?

We once again climbed up steep steps to view an Inca Citadel and walked a 2k path to see an Inca fortress. We saw a 2,000 ton rock (yes, that's 2,000) that they somehow managed to get to the site but never used.

How they managed to build such impressive structures that are still standing and well preserved will never cease to amaze me. Shame the Inca empire only lasted about 100 years.

The tour ended at an 18th century Catholic church in a town on a hill. The church was all hand painted using paints extracted from plants. A bit worse for wear most of the artwork had faded and not been restored but we could imagine what it looked like in its splendor.

The tour returned to Cuzco after dark. We decided to be different and to eat Chinese. L and I called turned in early. (yes, this is now 4 nights in a row!) Andrew once again tried his luck on the town. He said he got in around 12:30.

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