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Looking out the window as they run the cord to our rig...

There's our boy!

I'm following Tom and Jonathan to the Pulbo RV shop. It's not...

Now we head through Seattle toward Monroe where we'll be camped while...

Crossing the river in town.

The beautiful view from our campsite.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009.

Thunderbird Thousand Trails, Monroe, WA

Cummins and Pulsbo Shops

We started the day out in the Cummins shop in Everett this morning. They worked on the generator so it would be ready for lots of boondocking on the way up to and while we are in Alaska this summer. They were kind enough to let us park in their lot last night and camp so they would be able to get us in at 7:00 this morning. They even ran an electrical cord out for us for power. They had us pull the front end of the RV up to the bay so we were able to stay in the RV while they worked. Tom worked and Jonathan and I did our usual routine.

When we were finished, we drove to an RV dealership in Kent by the name of Pulsbo. Tom had made arrangements with Tiffin to have a window shipped up here. The same one that we've had replaced before was fogged again so we had it replaced again. They had a great waiting area though so we made ourselves at home in one of the back corners. Tom worked.

It was lunch time and one of the sales people mentioned that there weren't any restaurants around but if we wanted to order a pizza we could so we did just that! It took about three and a half hours before all the work was done but our campground wasn't too much further up the road so we made it there OK and got settled into our site before the rain started up too hard again. The view from our site is beautiful.

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