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I crossed into Quebec this morning & I’m definitely in a different country. Canada is officially bi-lingual with most road signs, etc in English & French but Quebec is not bi-lingual at all – everything is only in French although so far everyone I’ve contacted has been able to speak to me in English.

It started raining about 5:00am & it hasn’t stopped since so I had to pack up in the rain, puddling around in wet grass, fighting off the mosquitoes. I couldn’t find anything to see between Ottawa & Montreal so came straight down the freeway which isn’t a lot of fun in the rain with big trucks throwing up spray making visibility very difficult.

I was going to take the scenic route north along the Richelieu River after I got through Montreal but the weather was so bad I just stayed on the freeway (which wasn’t free because I had to pay a toll to cross the St Lawrence but it was a magnificent bridge).

It was still raining when I got here so I ducked out & hooked up the electricity but the rest of it can wait until it stops raining, if it ever does. After I watched last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, which I’d recorded, I spent the afternoon reading & working out where to go from here. It’s just as well I did because I’ve totally changed my plans & will do a circuit of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec which will take me at least a week.

Hopefully I can put up with the French for that long until I cross into New Brunswick.

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