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The start of our wine trail

Yering station winery-Ange & I

St Huberts winery

Domaine Chandon winery

Oakridge winery

Tarrawarra winery (Tin cows)

Tarrawarra winery (Tin cows)

Wild Kangaroos on way home

Kruger (Chris & Anges boy)

Kruger (Chris & Anges boy)

Pretty wet and blustery outing east of Melbourne for our Sunday day trip into the Yarra Valley with Chris and Ange, but any day is a good day for visiting wineries! The hang over recovery day on Saturday was followed by a full day of steady Sunday drinking - living in Australia would be very bad for our health!

We went to five wineries and sampled many a fine wine at Yering Station, St.Huberts, Domaine Chandon (sparkling), Oakridge and Tarrawarra (Tin Cows). Had lunch at Healesville inbetween and we saw a quite a few wild skippies on the journey, including one very large group of 40+ hanging out in a sheep paddock. We took a few bottles of wine back to Eltham to have with the Sunday barbie. And our fine barbie had to include some excellent prawns, or else it would not be an Aussie barbie! Followed this up by watching the very hilarious Aussie Idol show. Yes they have it over here as well.....I think it was probably made more hilarious by the amount we had had to drink during the day.

Thanks Chris and Ange for letting us stay at the Eltham "manor" and for the very fine hospitality. It was also great to meet their dog Kruger, a big lump of labrador puppy who took quite a shining to Nancy right from the very start!!! (-:

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