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The Trans Canada Highway went right past the campground so I stayed on that for most of today’s journey until it turned south to go to New Brunswick. The freeway was still following the St Lawrence River but it was quite hazy this morning so no good for photos.

I stopped at a small Tourist Information booth & got an English guide to the Gaspé Peninsula which will be very helpful because I can’t rely on the road signs. It sounds like a fascinating area so I’m looking forward to the next few days.

Thankfully, I’ve finished with the population corridor of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & Quebec so now I can start to enjoy the countryside a bit. I’m still having trouble with Quebec though.

I got to this KOA campground just after 1:00pm to be told that I couldn’t check-in until 2:00, even though the site was available because they had to “clean” it. What do you do to clean a campsite? I questioned this & was told that they wanted their clients to have an enjoyable experience so they needed to have a clean site. I pointed out that I wasn’t having an enjoyable experience but they still made me wait.

The campground is perched on the side of a hill, overlooking a lake, with sites terraced all the way up the hill. It’s probably the most unattractive campground I’ve been in with gravel sites separated by dead lawn without a tree in sight which is very unusual for Canada. It must be very popular though because it’s a big park, mostly full.

I went for a walk this afternoon to take some photos but when I opened the camera it told me the battery was dead so I’m not having much luck with photos lately. The sun was in the wrong direction anyway so I’ll take some before I leave tomorrow.

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