LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

The start of the Argentinian Lake District

On Lake Huapi - Barilloche

Where ever you go the Argentines have to have their Mate tea

Only 11km from Chile

Puerto Blest - Lake District

I want one!

Caught in a blizzard. Yes watching skiers again!

Aimes artistic impression!

Took a second cama bus overnight to Bariloche. This was a different company to the first one we took but it was equally as luxurious. We were greeted at the bus terminal and driven to the next hostile. Also quite clean and a hive of activity.

I have to take this opportunity to mention that we shipped some clothes back home from Chile including Ls ski jacketbecause it was so tropical there, thinking that it would be warm in the rest of S. America. Not such a good move. We survived snow in the mountains without heavy gear bc it was a nice day. But we sure could have used the extra layers in minus 5 degree temps!!!

We had the afternoon free on arrival, so we walked the town. Bariloche is clearly a ski town with clothing stores and souvenir shops lining the streets with a few restaurants and pubs. It is also overrun with choclate cafes and sweet shops for some unknown reason. We did a bit of window shopping but were not overly thrilled with the place. Plus it was teaming with teenagers as it was bank holiday weekend in Argentina.

We found refuge in an Irish pub, had a couple drinks and dinner then headed back to the hostile. It was Reggae Night but we chose to pass on the party and retire early. Turns out the band started at 11 and our room was just above the stage. Oh well, wtill managed to get some sleep.

Next morning we went on a boat tour through the Huapi River. We stopped for a while for lunch then took another boat to a beautiful island called Puerto Blest. Took some photos then off to another spot with the famous cascades. It was a long walk up, so L opted to stay behind and read his book. It was meant to be 750 steps up to the top of this waterfall, but we only got half way up due to the ice and snow on the path. Still got to see the second biggest waterfall of the trip (after Victoria Falls) and it was another Kodak moment as snow covered the exposed rocks surrounded by the surge of water. Too bad the batteries had died moments before on the camera. So this is one I will have to commit to memory.

We were tired from all of the excitement of the day. When we returned, we decided to grab a quick drink at the Irish pub. The place was packed and the crowd roared when we arrived (quite a welcome!!) because the football team Boca Juniors scored the winning goal in the last minute of play. The place cleared out quick, so we indeed had 1 drink and then went back to the hostile and ordered food from the restaurant there. Spent the rest of the night reading. No, Im not kidding!

Next day we had yet another tour of the mountains, only for half a day. The bus was meant to pick us up at 9:00 but never showed up. We werent too bothered but called the company anyway and they sent a taxi to bring us there. Arrived at yet another ski resort to make us jealous and it was so cold we spent the entire 3 hours in a coffee shop. It also snowed for most of that time. Its one thing to see snow on the mountains, but for some reason, I still had a hard time getting my armas around seeing snow in August. Half expected to see Santa Claus wandering around. But the gorgeous St. Bernard dog did the trick.

Back to the hostile, stayed indoors, used the Internet for a couple hours before we were on our next bus...

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