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I know I know, what is this title all about?
Sam and Pat EH!!!!! Canadian style OR
Salmon Pâté for those of your who like exotic!!!!

NOTE: To follow us further, below click on the dates or the map and more stuff like pictures and stories will be there. You can also change the map by clicking on the bottom maps. Check the planned itinerary also.

This blog is dedicated to our brother-in-law Jim Parker who left this world far to soon. Your memory will be forever in our hearts and minds. Our first game of Crossword is just for you Jim.

Well this trip has been a work in progress for more than 18 months. Driving Sam crazy with my suggestions of were and what to visit and the exact timing and directions. Only a retired accountant could be so anal.

Excited does not describe how this anticipated trip has filled my many days and nights planning every detail to the enth degree. Those who know me can appreciate my wanting to plan it to death. With the internet I almost feel like I have taken the trip already. Leaving nothing to chance, here is a list of pre-trip planning:
Find accommodation for 8 to include 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, 1 which has to be on the ground floor. Not even the flight could be booked until a suitable vacation spot in Dover, Kent UK was secured. Check out our accommodation for the week of Fri. Sept. 30:
St. Radigund's Abbey Farm - Nell's Barn Also know as Our Dover Home just click on the green link. Under grading hover over the 5gold stars and read the rating. That's us "exceptional with a degree of luxury".

Wow now then, that was sorted and we all agreed on the accommodation and dates we could now book our flights. We only wish that we could have flown from Hamilton instead of Toronto, but nothing travels to the UK from Hamilton. Air Transat offered the best schedule and prices for our needs. That was until we received that infamous telephone call that our flight had been cancelled. Not this again. Our last UK trip started with Globespan cancelling our flightS 2 weeks before departure. Panic was for nothing, they were only changing our return flight by a single day. Whew that was close. We decided to fork out the extra cash and book our seats, 2 side by side with only us in that row, Lovey and Me.

Now to get to the airport. Airways Transit is booked both ways, I hope as I had a brain fart and wiped out our departure while booking on the net and had to call and book the trip TO the airport. No I am not prefect. And no, I could not pre book those seats or I would have.

This trip includes a road trip by ourselves through the South West of England. There are so many car booking/rental agencies on line that this became an epic event booking a rental car. We were also watching the dollar to pound exchange rate for months, which in the end made absolutely no difference since they will not charge your card until you pick up the car as we are not from the UK. Did not know this until we booked. Hmmmmmmmmmmm now I know. Sure hope Sam can remember how to drive on the left side of the road.

Dont' forget to click on those dates or the map for more stuff like pictures and stories. You can also change the current map by clicking on the bottom maps. Check the planned itinerary also.

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