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Welcome to our travel page where you can learn about our various travels. It starts in 2007, when I first learned of the trip journal application from Good Sam. Not all of our trips are recorded here, and some have more detail than others, but you can get a good sense of our travels since 2007 from this site. I admit to a selfish purpose in doing this: while I enjoy sharing the adventure with my friends, I also realize that someday we won't be able to travel like this, and my memory will not be as good, and this is a way for a younger me to remind the older me of the good times. (to follow our treks, start at the bottom and read up)

Now on our way to check off another item on the bucket list--the total eclipse of the sun. I have wanted to do this ever since I heard the Carly Simon song "You're so Vain" ("You flew your Learjet up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun.")

2014 was a little lighter on the recorded trips, but in 2015 we took an extended trip to Great Britain, Ireland, then Egypt. Checked several items off the bucket list.

In 2013 we did quite a bit of RV travel, but stayed in the US. Our summer trip took us up through Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. This was mostly for shooting--one match in Arkansas and one in Ohio--and touring bourbon and whiskey distilleries.

In spring 2012 we took two Rick Steves Tours of Italy-north and south- that is noted in the trip journals. Then in the fall of 2012 we did a Fall Colors Tour with Adventure Caravans in our new Redwood RV.

The summer of 2011 we took a tour of France for our 40th wedding anniversary. We joined a Rick Steves tour that took us from Paris down through France to the French Riviera. Then we returned to Paris and took another Rick Steves tour that concentrated on Paris.

In early 2011 I didn't recording as many trips--we went to Phoenix for Winter Range in February 2011, then I went to Argentina for dove hunting in May, then I went to Founders Ranch near Albuquerque where I won the World Championship in my category at End of Trail. But I didn't tried to log those trips--just got a little lazy I guess.

"Alaska Trek," was an extended tour in the summer of 2009 with Adventure Caravans touring for 58 days in Canada and Alaska. We had lots to do on the way up and the way back as well. Our last journey up here was a northwest tour of Washington and southwestern Canada in August 2008 to do some shooting, some sightseeing, and to visit Chateau Lake Louise for our 37th wedding anniversary. We have been taking little trips since then, including a trip to Arizona for Winter Range and a trip to Sonoma and Yosemite. We also got our daughter married off in March. But our last big trip was to Alaska in the summer of 2009.

In May 2008 we went down south-way down south, to Argentina. We extended my trip for dove hunting in Cordoba to enjoy the Perito Moreno Glacier at Argentina's Glacier National Park, Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego, and the wine country of Mendoza. And, of course, we spent time in Buenos Aires. This was one of our best trips ever.

Earlier in 2008 we did the Sundance, Sevens, and Shooting 2008 tour, a trip back into the west for skiing and the Sundance Film Festival, a couple of visits to Vegas, a shooting and rally tour of Arizona, and finally a swing down south to Marfa and Alpine Texas near the Big Bend. That went from January 3 until March 13, 2008.

In summer 2007 we completed a 3 month tour of places in the western United States, which is detailed in our Into the West 2007 travel site. We also have a separate page for our next trip--Balloons, Beams and Bullets 2007, which started October 2 and finished November 1. We were in Wimberley (with side trips to Fredericksburg, Texas Las Vegas, and Enid, Oklahoma) until January 3, 2008,then we started the Sundance 2008 tour.

 Map:  Arizona & New Mexico 
Map Arizona & New Mexico
Traveling in Texas, United States

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