Kindy Does South America 2008/2009 travel blog

Kindy Does South America 2008/2009

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Hi friends, family and random people stalking me on the internet!

I used this site to find out info about my upcoming destinations and get stoked off of other people's amazing pictures and stories so hopefully you can follow along with me on my journeys and adventures and either get stoked about your time to come down to Quito and visit me (gold medal goes to Quinn!), or you can just get stoked that I am so cool and that you know me (or are stalking me randomly on the net).

Well its my eighth year of university- UGHS- and I am spending my last semester of law school/grad school at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), one of Ecuador's top private universities (yes, that is my nose being pressed in the upward direction). But no semester abroad would be complete without a fabulous trip to kick the whole thing off so I will be exploring Peru and Bolivia over the 2008/2009 Winter Holidays... an accumulation of 10 years of dreaming of seeing Macchu Picchu with my own eyes as the sun breaks over the ruins (just watch it rain). So after hitting up Cuzco and the Inca Trail, I will be heading off to the mysterious land of Bolivia (my travel agent described it to me as something akin to Mars), to explore La Paz, Sucre, Potosi and the crazy Salt Flats of Uyuni before finally landing in Quito. My Quito adventures are less set in stone but here's to hoping for lots of beaches, Galpagosian islands, waterfalls, throwing myself off ropes and bungy cords in the mountains, jungles, colonial cities, and other crazy things. Have fun following along and get your butts down to Quito to visit me!

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Update: Hey guys!!! I am back home in Canada now after a very fulfilling and jam-packed 5 months in South America. WOW! I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do all I have done (though the mounting debts are my deal with the devil) despite the enormous amount of bad luck I have had in practically every travel experience (you know the bad buses, robberies, leaky roofs, cancelled flights, delayed flights, emergency landings, missed buses, mudslides, boat trips from hell etc). I hope that I am able to shake off the South American travel curse when I take off to Mexico next month- yes, another trip. But the recent swine flu has made flights very cheap and getting a one-month subletter means my Mexican travels should be no more expensive than if I was to stay and pay the gynormous costs of living in Canada (yes, I am sticking to that belief!). My beautiful baby sister will be joining me on this backpacking trip in Mexico through the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas and the Yucatan region. We are stoked. Stay in touch and upon completing my photo uploading and editing on this page, I will place the new url to our upcoming Mexican travel blog. BESOS.

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