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Mickeypoos and Maggoty's Excellent Adventure

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Hey Guys and Girls!!
Here's hoping that you all stay safe and all enjoy catching up with our travels. We will try and update it as regularly as we can and look forward to news from home.
We miss you guys and look forward to seeing your smiles again wether overseas or at home.
Because, you know, we've got a lot of time for youse :-)

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Welcome to wonderland Alice
Toto Went Psycho
Public Bus- Thai Style
The Bridge, The Pass, Fried frog skin chips and the...
Bangkok. The smells, the smoke and bloody farangs
Hanoi- Lakes, public urination and the land of the...
One bloody expensive footy trip!!
Ho Chi Minh- Aka smells like piss
Banh Mi, Tour Giuides, Bus rides and Two legged sharks
Angkor Wat & Battambang
I hate Cambodia
Bangkok, Geriatric Diarrhoea and Southern Thailand...
Heinekin, Thai food and transvestite go go bars
Ko Chang
Athenia and the introduction to the Euro
Feb 22/05
No text just updating map
Feb 22/05
Same again
Feb 22/05
Updating Map
Feb 24/05
Ancona to Split
Feb 24/05
Split to Dubrovnik
Four countries in 48 hours- Geez did we smell!!
Slovenia and freezing arse off.
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