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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of writing .Find it very hard at work to get the creative energy up.

So after doing a back breaking five out of six weeks on the rig we are finally onto another leg of touring and I have two months off to do stuff all.

We arrived in Toronto after a very comfortable 9 hour flight from Heathrow and got into good old Canada with yet another mild case of first day itis. Not as bad as last time we travelled but I think we were more prepared for it.

I would have glady gone and said that the public servents in Canada are about as useful as some of the british ones but this was saved by the excellent streetcar and bus drivers who took us to where we need to go and made sure we were fine to get along.

The hostel is a two stroy house in the burbs of Toronto just a hop, skip and a jump from China town and little Italy. Good food, relatively the same price as Australia and the people are actually really nice.

So a day of walking around shopping was followed bu the best comedian we have both ever seen. We sat right up the front and the guy with us mentioned we were australia

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