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Welcome to the New Year!

Taylor and I thought about how lucky we are to have people like you in our lives! Thanks!

We spent the last 5 days in Taganga, a small fishing village. It was a beautiful beach town, that actually became quite busy over the holiday week. Filled with happy colombians, playing bad spanish dance music and eating fried fish with rice and salad for every do they do it?

We found a great little bungalow with hammocks to stay in. It was right on the beach, which made it even better. And a fresh fruit juice stand 2 doors down. Every day I had my Jugo de narjana, which is why I am staying healthy (especially with all the bad hygine around here...yikes!)

This cute little place suited us....a beachside strip with food stalls, jewlery booths, and shaded tables for afternoon drinks. The best part was the full of life and fun loving...yet always working hard..bringing in fish, restocking their Aguila (Colombia's official beer), and selling their wears. The kids live such a carefree life. Running around the little town, free as can be, playing with whatever they find lying around. They are cute, dirty, curious about us and totally fund to watch. It was a comforting feeling knowing how much they loved life.

Actually Taylor is a hero..we saw a young child (about 18 months) wading really deep with no supervision and the strange thing was we both commented on him and felt no one was watching him. Next moment, he was under the water and struggling to resurface. Taylor jumped over the wall, and snached him up. Everyone was pretty chill about the whole thing. We left the situation thinking..what would have happened if we didn't see him go under? They have a different way of raising their kids around here we have noticed. Survival.

Alright, well, out beach days are coming to a close. We leave tonight for Bogota. We have a friend there that will tour our around. Then off to Cali for Salsa lessons (Taylor gave them to me as a birthday present). And then to Ecuador. We signed up with WWOOF (willing workers on organic farms) to work in Equador for a few weeks. hopefully all will work out ok.

Love you all


P.S. My birthday was fantastic...lots of dancing!

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