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The scenery in Waitomo

After meeting up with a friend I made in San Francisco, we both decided to head down to Waitomo, which is an area notorious for its glow-worm caves. The glow-worms are actually maggots of a sort and the bit that glows is their waste (takes the romance out of it doesn't it)!! There are hundreds of them all over the cave ceilings. When they hatch they turn into gnats. The gnats then live for 3 days, mate, then get caught in the glow-worms sticky webs and get eaten by them, so it is the cycle complete!

We ended up doing blackwater rafting (floating through the caves on inner tubes) through the caves and also exploring them on foot, which was fun and wet and freezing cold!

The area is lovely, with stunning views, but it is small with just one village shop and little else to do.

I will be moving on to Taupo tomorrow to do a tandem sky-dive (if I don't chicken out)!

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