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Sea Lion @ Seal Bay

A couple of tame animals

How Cute?

Hard day darling?

Nippy the Porsche..or Flintstone Van!

Christmas Day in our Luxury Tent! the decorations

Cocktails on the veranda

Tracey & Natalie in the Cafe

New Years Eve, Adelaide

As you will all know our travels came to an end and it was time to engage in a little work activity on "The Rock"(as it will now be known). It was time to get down and dirty in 'The Rockpool Cafe', Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island, just in case anyone should ever go there, you will know where we were.

The work was not too hard and the people on the rock itself, i.e residents were all very nice and friendly towards us wingeing pommes... We managed, as you would imagine, to meet some of the locals in the pub and even managed to gain a bit of work labouring(Craig not Tracey, although...), managed to knock a few walls down and put on a new roof, a new vocation in life? Who knows..

We would certainly recommend a short stint in the service industry for anyone, it's fun, get to meet new people every day, give directions to the beach taste the food and of course try and squeeze some tips out of the tight Aussies!

Now the downside, to say there was a problem with flies on the island would be an understatement, they were everywhere and I mean everywhere. You know when you get a fly just buzzing round your ear and for those of you with hairy ears, you'll know what I mean, not that I have though(Craig).

The weather was very kind to us most of the time and we were able to get out and about around the island with 'Nippy The Porsche', as you will see a little on the sarcastic side, but it had four wheels and ocassionaly I even gave it a helping foot through the floor, just like the funny is that!

Kangaroo Island is promoted as Nature's Island and it surely is, we traveled around Australia for 3 months previously and the only Roo's we saw were roadkill, well here they're like London buses. Now I probably shouldn't say this, but night driving is like dodgems and skittles all in one, either dodge them and crash or just keep going and they seem to hang around in packs, so once one get's it so do the rest, well more for the possums and wallabies actually, but not meaning to be horrible it's really quite fun..yeah I animal rights comments please.

Apart from Roo's there are Koala's in abundance, Sea Lions lazing on the beach at Seal Bay and birds galore..albeit very noisy ones... oh and did I mention Tiger Snakes! So you can see very rich in wildlife and worth a couple of days if you're in the region of South Australia.

Our tenure came to an end and after all that hard work(4 weeks) we were in need of a holiday, so where better to head than that of Thailand's beaches YEAH BABY..see you on the beach!

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