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As it says on the tin..

Towards the bottom end of Loch Fyne

Spot the foreigners

Check out the reflection

Sunset over Loch Fyne

Skimming on the Loch

A trip to Scotland is not complete without a trip to a...

To finish our travels off, we were absolutely delighted to surprise one of our best friends in Scotland and say that Ali was surprised would be an understatement.. OK so you can picture this, arrived at the airport Barry(Ali's husband) met us at arrivals and says "Ali's in the car, so we'll creep up behind her"

So off we go and walk up to the car and Tracey knocks on the window and poor Ali is plucking her eyebrows and probably almost pulled her eyeball out in shock..

"What are you doing here" she says..

"Well its not a coincidence darling, we're here to see you",

and so it went on for the next hour or so, before it sunk in and she calmed down.

We had the best weekend in Scotland and were priveleged to have a local guide(Barry) to show us around skirt and all(well it was in the wardrobe).

After the initial excitement of seeing each other it was to the bar and to the bar and to the bar...for a few cheekies ..hooray!

Sunday morning appeared in glorious sunshine and it was off to Loch Fyne for Oysters and Wine for lunch. Now having never ventured out of the cities in Scotland for fear or being attacked by Haggis's or men in Skirts, it was a very pleasant surprise to see this beautiful countryside basking in wonderful sunshine.

A long leisurely lunch was order of the day and then a little stone skimming on the Loch and then off homeward bound to warmer climes of the front room...

A beautiful part of the world and only an hour away from our own front door. It just goes to show that you don't need to travel half way around the world to discover new and wonderful places, but what made it special was 2 wonderful people to enjoy it with.

Thankyou Ali & Barry for making our last stop as memorable as all the rest!

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