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Waiting for the sun to rise on top of sand dunes 4.30am...

Sun finally up

View of dune No. 7

Who says it does not rain in the desert!! Namibia is having the most rain it has had in decades, and we are here!

It only rains in the early evenings, but is very heavy, and is preceded by severe sand storms!!! So once we and our tents, clothes etc are covered in sand, the rain comes along and turns it all to mud! and it is very very hot when its not raining, 40+ Celsius.

It was quite exciting to be amongst a sandstorm the first time, but the novelty wore off pretty quick, when your trying to shelter inside a tent that is by no means sand/dust proof, very soon everything and everywhere is covered in orange sand... Oh well at least we can say we have been in a sandstorm, not that it was on the list of things to do!!!

There was enough rain to stop us getting to the main huge sand dunes on our first attempt, very frustrating given the early 5am start needed, so as to be there for the sunrise, the normal trickle of water at the river bed we had to cross was a raging torrent!!!! The next morning on 2nd attempt, we made it through, and it was totally worth it. Great to be amongst the dunes at that time, with the colours constantly changing. Pretty steep climbs to the top but again, the views and colours are just stunning.

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