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Jelly fish

more jelly fish

We like aquaculture

marine life is fun

Sunshine in Tahoe

Another Tahoe sunset

The lake

Our snow bear (notice the snow ball ready for launch)

Tee hee

Harmony has puppies

the little bundle

Alcatraz in the fog

A San Francisco trolly

Lombard street, the crookedest street in the world

me at the top of Lombard street

From the bottome of Lombard street

China Town

more of China Town

Hello again,

So, somewhere in the middle of Charlie's stay here I decided to get rather sick. I was sick in one form or another for just about the whole month of December. We did however still manage to get out and explore a bit; Charlie just had to do some of the driving while my head was pounding. We went back down to the parents for Christmas and Charlie had to endure endless present opening, and of course food and drink of plenty. We were able to spend another wonderful day in Monterey and I got to take Charles to the aquarium where we watched the Jellyfish exhibit for longer than we probably should have. It seemed as if the whole of Monterey County decided that the day after Christmas is the perfect day for the Aquarium. We eventually made our way back to Tahoe and spent several days enjoying the lake and the snow. Harmony (one of the St. Bernard dogs) gave birth to three puppies a week before Christmas so I enjoyed playing with them while I was in Tahoe.

New Years turned out to be a bit of an adventure for the whole of Tahoe City was experiencing power outages. We did go to a party to ring in the New Year, but it was held by candle light and we had a makeshift countdown. It was still a good time, though New Years always seems to be a let down after all of the festivities of Christmas. I did eventually go back to work and the next few weekends were filled with more adventures. Charlie came down and we spent another (very cold) day in San Francisco. We went to pier 39 (a complete tourist trap) and looked at Alcatraz through the fog. We walked to Ghirardelli square and had coffee and walked down Lombard Street (the crooked-est street in the world). We walked through the North End (little Italy) and had a canolie. We finished with China Town and by the end of it all we were both so exhausted from all of the walking (San Francisco is not flat) that we went home and made dinner rather than going out.

Well I suppose I better get to work. Hope all is well on your end!!



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