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Yeah finally spotted elephants!

Hippo city!!

View on chobe river

Arrived in Kasane, via Nata. Kasane is the small town that is the main entry point to Chobe National Park situated in northern Botswana (right on borders on Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Great to be having the freedom to be travelling on our own. Have had no difficulty getting anywhere (yet!) and meeting lots of great people. Caught local bus to Nata, but then had to hitch to Kasane as buses were pretty infrequent. Thanks to Danny (from Zambia) for the ride. NOt a bad ride - in an air conditioned mercedes - backpacking life ah! Danny was looking for company as he was driving in a convoy of very nice cars being delivered from Durban for the Zambian police force!!

We drove actually through a game reserve area, and naturally animals have the right away, and after looking for elephants for our whole trip, we finally saw one feeding just off the road! Chobe has a lot of elephants, but still pretty hard to see with everything being so green! So anyway, it was an eventful trip with a few animals getting in the way!

We stayed in the one of the dankest and wet campsites ever! They have had a lot of rain

here, and this site is right next to Chobe River. We upgraded to a walk in tent, but it was a real rip off, as everything was damp and Nancy found a water scorpion in the tent flaps while I was off paying the Afrikaners who own the place. I just came back to a look of horror, and the offending beast had already been despatched by one of the staff. Monkeys running on the roof also had not helped the situation!

The next day was great though. Lots of rain again, but at least we were kind of dry - unlike all the overlanders who camped in a field of mud. We organised to join two trips into Chobe that day - the first was a safari drive where we saw lots of hippo (in and out of the water) - big grazing moo cows! and lots of crocs and birdlife. The group we were with were a bunch of eccentric old Danes and Swedes who had come in for the day from Vic Falls (all very excited to have a couple of kiwis with them, got a bit annoying to be answering there questions while trying to spot wildlife tho...) They had a great guide though who was happy to explain everything in english. On the way back to the gates, we came across a herd of elephants right by the track, and they got a bit disturbed! And charged off in front of our vehicle. That was cool!

Then in the afternoon, we went on a sunset cruise on the Chobe River, and again saw lots of hippo, and crocs - big ones! Went into a pool of hippo, and one came up from under our boat! Luck, this time around, we were on a very large boat - still gave everyone a suitable fright. To those on our namibia-botswana trip we thought of you (for those who weren't we didnt see any!!), but after seeing the hippos up close be very very glad we did not see them in the mokoro's!!!

Back to our damp campsite before leaving for Zimbabwe border tomorrow. Please note, photos attached are without a good zoom. We have plenty of animal close ups to show you all on SLR film when we get home!!!

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