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Ok frustrating day today, just typed all this out and internet went down lost all we had done and have been waiting 4 hours for it to come back up!! so this is short short version of last few days...

Went white water rafting, survived to tell tales just.... This was Tony's first white water rafting, and it had to be the roller coaster ride of the Zambezi River! And of course he went out at the first rapids (which he proudly says is usually a grade 5!). I was very worried, but he safely managed to ride the rapids and swim the 150m to the safety of our raft. and then the raft and us all tipped upside down at half way point, it was pretty scary trying to get the raft upright again while riding a hell of a rapid! but as i said we all lived, and had a fantastic day got very burnt despite putting our routine SPF 30 on.... rewarded with cold zambezi beers at top which went down very very well!!

Despite being exhausted we had to catch the overnite train to Bulawayo about 3 hours after, it left at 7pm and arrived at 8am next day, needless to say after a day of rafting and then a 12 hour hot and no sleep train ride we arrived to meet tonys old workmate from Plan (Henry) at the train station, for those who dont know Henry, you couldn meet a nicer man, him and his just as sweet wife (Ruth)have looked after us the last few days here in Bulawayo.

They have the cutest two boys Robin 6 and Henry junior 3, they have succeeded in making us pretty clucky..... would write more but scared it will all get lost again!!!

So thanks again Henry and Ruth you have been fantastic.

Zimbabwe is a lot worse off than we hear in the local press, the inflation is through the roof and zim dollar is worth less and less everyday, prices change in shops daily and it is not possible to budget how much anything will cost. We really feel for the zimbabwe people, it is awful for them how much their county has changed over the last few years. To add to the inflation, you have long lines waiting for shops, at ATMs because the banks can not print enough money, and fuel (as most stations have run dry!)

We are leaving Bulawayo on Monday heading to Masvingo and the Great Zimbabwe ruins and not sure when we will get to go on internet again, so sorry to those we have not had a chance to email back, thanks to everyone for their messages and all the news, keep it coming we do appreciate it and feel bad for not replying in person but as i have said over and over again internet is c**p..... excuse spelling and grammer also, dont get to look over it and just speed type as fast as poss....

Hope you are all well and hopefully be back in touch in a few days, lots of love xxx

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