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Then there was three....

So the Young Sexy French Canadians and Mama Mel headed off to find Mae Sot, going the long way, up and then down the border. We decided to go that way for the experience, to see new places and to get off the beaten track.

And what an experience it was! Two long bus rides later, we landed in Mae Sariang, where we had read there was one bus a day to Mae Sot, and that was the one we planned to get on.

However,there was no bus to Mae Sot, there were however hourly Songthaws...covered pick up trucks with benches along the side. The journey to Mae sot was seven hours, which sounded like a longtime in the back of a pick up, but seeing as we had little choice, we happily embraced the idea...hell, it will be will be for the experience of riding the local way! Ah, the peer pressure of being surrounded by 22 year olds!

The experience did not disapoint. There were chickens and fish and a bag of live frogs, at one point an entire village hopped on with us, best count had us at about 28-30 people all on the truck in some manner - roof, hanging off the back, sitting on the floor, etc. We drove by working elephants, you know not the kind just for tourists, but actually moving logs in villages, etc. All in all it was a great experience, my ass didn't even get sore once and it was nice having the fresh air as oppossed to an air conditioned bus.

Mae Sot was intense, crossed teh border to reknew my visa, Buma was same as it was when I was there three years ago, a stark contrast to the pristine nature of Thailand. We had a a "government guide", someone to follow us aroudn and tell us how wonderful Burma and their government is, such bullshit, especially having just come from a town that houses thousands of refugees fleeing teh conflict and atrocities of the military juanta there.

We did make soem nice freinds while there, a German woman married to a Thai Airforce Pilot, he flies the princess around, a lovely Polish NGO REsearch worker, and Jonny a vagabond american traveling through. WE all celebrated valentines day with Sangria in our garden and drinks at the local Thai Pub, where we were serenaded with pop cover tunes.

But Lauires ankle was still blue, so we needed to head back to Chiang Mai for more xrays and I wanted to go back to Pai, so off we went...

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