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Street vendors at bus windows

Mountain ranges along bus route

Fish anyone??? and yes it is real

Well Nancy and I have completed the first big part of our trip- we have gone coast to coast through Southern and Eastern Africa (8 countries), from the Atlantic in Namibia to the Indian Ocean in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. 7500kms completed by road and one train journey. To put in perspective, our zigzagging distance across Africa is about the same distance as a flight from here to London!!

It has been a hard slog since Zimbabwe, with just a few days to relax on Lake Malawi, but well worth it. This is where the fun (and hopefully relaxation begins!) Will not prattle on too much, but have left some photos on the site of our various travel (bus and more bus) adventures!!

We have arrived at a very very hot Dar the big city in Tanzania. It is about 34 degrees,but exceedingly humid! and Zanzibar will be the same, but here we have the loely ocean to enjoy for a week.

The main highlight of journey from Mbeya was that the bus went through a national park for half an hour of exceptional game viewing (even at 80 miles an hour!) Saw loads of elephants, and also giraffe, impala, buffalo and baboons! Not bad for yor average African bus trip!

Also being in Tanzania brings a lot more good food - and everything is cheaper. We finally have fresh veggies and fruit! A real plus here!

Malawi was not only very wet, but very very poor. One of the ten poorest countries in the world! And consequently very difficult to get a lot of stuff that you can get in Tanzania, but also we had to be weary of a lot of street crime - but we have come through completely unscathed so far! All in all, Malawi, and the travels by bus overall have been great. Every bus trip we have met at least one interesting local character, and it certainly feels more fulfilling than being on an overland trip with a bunch of other travellers. People seem very interested (and entertained) that we are doing it by ourselves! and there are very few other 'mzungus' doing the same thing.

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