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Dee & Marilyn - the champs!

Tona & Chic - 2nd place team

Kim & Berta - 3rd place team

I just served the ball

Elsie & Marilyn in serving positions

Marilyn & Elsie ready to receive the serve

Ann O'Dowd, catcher of pro baseball

Paula, Ann, Liz, and woman I didn't meet

Emily, Chic, Marilyn, Maggie

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Ladder Ball Video 1

(MP4 - 5.15 MB)

Ladder Ball Video 2

The streets are named after famous women. For instance, I am staying on Martina Court. There is Amelia Run Way, Rosa P. Court, and Eleanor Way and a few others.

I first saw the game of ladder ball at the campground in Miami, but they called it two balls. I think I mentioned this game in one of my earlier posts. The ladder is built out of pieces of PVC pipe. The balls are golf balls with the centers drilled out and replaced with certain-sized cords. The object is get 21 points by wrapping the cords around the rungs of the ladder - top rung is 3 points, middle rung is 2 points, and bottom rung is 1 point. Opponents take turns throwing, so if the first one gets the balls wrapped around the 2 point rung and the opponent does the same, the points cancel each other out. Otherwise the points made by both teams are added up. The ending score has to be exactly 21 or else the points you got are subtracted from your score. It's something like horseshoes or jarts.

This afternoon the finals of a tournament were held. Four teams of two people were in the running for this double elimination tournament. My new friends, Chic & Marilyn, were on two of these teams. I made 2 video clips to show the game being played. I discovered I have sound with my videos! Hope you can see them okay. I took pictures of the top three teams, who won a trophy or a consolation prize (2nd place was a packet of soaps and 3rd place was a small massager). Tables and chairs were set up for spectators and players to watch and have refreshments. What fun!

Last night, I attended a choral concert and it was fantastic. The conductor is retiring from this volunteer job so I got to hear and see the last concert they will be performing unless someone else steps up to lead the group. It was beautiful.

Earlier tonight, I went back to the clubhouse to hear an acoustic guitarist - can't remember her name, but she earns a living doing these concerts and wants to come back to this park and possibly stay longer. It is so affirming to be in a place where you can be who you are and where people are friendly, helpful, and beautiful!

Pickle ball is a game that seems to be a cross between tennis and ping pong on a real court! The court is like a tennis court, but smaller. One plays with big sized ping pong paddles and the ball is plastic like a wiffle ball. There is a history behind the name of the game in which the family making up the game had a dog named Pickles who often retrieved the ball when it got hit away from the court. Most people play this game in the morning while it's still cool. I seemed to get the knack of the game quickly, probably because of my racquetball experience. I need to learn to twist the paddle a little to angle the ball up in the air, though. I also get confused with the details of who serves when and from which quadrant. But everyone is very tolerant and helpful.

The tall woman in the blue shirt

played in the first woman's baseball team, as featured in the movie "A League of Their Own" as catcher! I want to get a signed baseball card from her if I can.

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