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Nick- Where are we?


Famous Khao San Road @ night

Famous Khao San Road @ night

Khao San Road by day

City Bus

The cheap eats

More Pat Thai

River through Bangkok, doubles as the boat highway

Where in Bangkok are we?

Awww, yes... Now I know...

A local Wat

River taxi

Taking a rest on Khao San

Mmm...I love donuts...

"One night in Bangkok..." Well, 2 actually..

Once again we were dropped off in the middle of a huge city without a clue where we were. Nick and I actually like this, you feel a sence of accomplishment when you find the place you are looking for in this mess of a city. We try to never take the easy way out and just jump in the nearest tuk-tuk or taxi and tell them where we want to go. Its too easy that way and a lot more expensive. We found a bus a made our way through the Bangkok smog to the famous Khao San Road.

Khao San Road is the place to be if your a backpacker. Its dirt cheap and never sleeps. If you have seen the movie, "The Beach," with Leonardo Decaprio, then you have seen this famous street, also the movie "Brokedown Palace," with Clare Danes. Most movies that are filmed in Thailand have scenes here. There was a movie being filmed right in front of our guesthouse the 1st night we were here and we were actually in it... Not talking or anything just walking down the street during a shot, (no autographs please...)

We got a great little room right above the street so even from our window your in on all the action. You also get to hear the Techno music from the left side of our room, the Band from the right side, and the Rap from the vendor in front of our guesthouse blaring his latest pirated CD. Its front row seats to 3 concerts all on the same stage playing at the same time with solos from the motorcycles noise and the taxi's honking! Hear is a sampling:

"HONK, HONK," (taxi horn) VROOM VROOM, (motorcycle) "LETS GET IT STARTED IN HERE, LETS GET IT (Black Eyed Peas from the vendor out front) "HONK, HONK, VROOM VROOM" "HEY, MATE GET ME A BEER," (Englishman yelling for his friend) "SCREW YOU, GET ONE Y.." (Englishmans friend) HHHOOONNNKKKKK!!! "CAUSE I'M LEAVIN ON A JET PLANE DONT KNOW," (The band on the right) VRRROOOMM, "AAAWWWWWW!!!! WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING! YOU ALMOST HIT ME!!!!(girl yelling that almost got hit by the moto) HHHHOOOONNNNKKK! (now, he's honking at her) "Shauna, scoot over your hogging the bed." (that was just Nick) "CLANK,,, CLANK,CLANK,,,,,CLANK" (food vendor making Pat Thai) "BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM....BOOM,BOOM,BOOM" (techno music from the left) "LETS GET IT STARTED IN HERE, LETS GET IT," (Black eyed Peas, from front) HONK,HONK,HONK "DONT KNOW WHEN I'LL BE BACK AGAIN," (The Band from the right) HONK, HONK. "YOU NEED TUK-TUK, GO PING PONG SHOW?" (tuk- tuk driver)

Oddly enough all this noise makes me go right to sleep, its really weird. Nick and I thought it would be hilarious though, for him to yell out the window at night, in his best Napolean Dynamite voice to tell them to keep it down. "Hey can you keep it down Im trying to sleep, GOSH! Do you have any idea what time I have to get up in the morning! Gosh, Dont you know I need to work on my sleeping skills?"

Needless to say we didn't go through with it, they would have thought we were insanne to come to the Khoa San and expect sleep. instead we put our ear plugs in and dozzed off happily.

So the first morning we did a bit of sightseeing, not too much though as Khao San road is the best place in Bangkok. Saw a few Wats, went downtown, rode on the river taxi down the river, and much to Nicks delight we did some shopping in the Markets (where are my girlfriends when I need them, the best and cheapest shopping in the world and I have Nick to accompany me) Kidding Honey!

We leave for the city of Trat tomorrow. Its about a 5 hour bus ride and that will put us on the border of Cambodia. The following morning we will cross into Cambodia and make our way on yet another bus ride to the capitol city of Phnom Penh.

That's all for now.

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