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Today was an adventure of a different kind. I had thought I was going to visit Pine Island and some quaint shops, but first I had to take care of some business.

Since I am getting my RV serviced soon at some place, I tried to open the front of the RV to check the oil, and see the engine. None of the keys I have worked! I searched the RV but couldn't find an unaccounted for key. So, I posed a question to the Bounders discussion group, stating that I am also missing a key to open the water fill tank from the outside of the RV. Shortly I received a reply that the one key does both the things I need! I got the number of the key needed and started my quest to get one made.

First I went to an RV parts and sales store near here. They sent me to a nearby locksmith, but they didn't have that number key in their computer system. I called the RV dealer in Ft. Myers where I bought my patio rug and they referred me to another locksmith. That locksmith didn't have the number either, but asked me things about what the key and lock looked like. Sigh.

I came back to the resort and found Chris, who has a Bounder one year earlier than mine. She uses that same key and let me borrow it to have a copy made! (I had looked for her before I left earlier in the day, but she wasn't home then.) I came back to my place to make sure the key opened everything and it did - hope sprung back up!

But there was another problem waiting for me! Seems the wind kicked up quite a bit and my awning broke and was against my doorway. No picture of this - I wasn't in the mood to share this with you all at the time! I was trying to figure out how to deal with it so I could get into my home when my neighbors came to help. Thank goodness for kind people! We got the awning rolled up and discovered that the arm mechanism on both ends had broken in different ways. So, now I have to get the awning fixed before I can drive off because of course it doesn't roll up like it should!

Back to the key thing - I took the key to the locksmith and he could easily make a copy! So I had a copy made of every key needed for my home and now am in possession of 2 keys. And now, I can get the oil changed and fluids checked!

I also bought a lock for the one vulnerability I have with my towing system - people seem to like those pin locks that just hold things together. I now have the towbar locked everywhere there is a possibility of removing a piece of it.

Next, an unexpected errand - a trip to Camping World in Ft. Mysers to get replacement parts for the awning. Isn't it really convenient that I have what I need near to where I am? I showed them what broke by looking at one in the store and hope I am ready for someone to fix the awning. How? There is a woman in the resort who fixes RVs and she will look at the awning for me tomorrow and we shall see what she can do.

I can't just buy $20 worth of stuff and just leave the store! I also bought another folding chair ( this one has a cup holder, which is very important), a ladder and carrier so I can hook this one to the back of the RV (this ladder expands and lets me climb up to the dreaded roof that needs cleaning at times), and a generator exhaust pipe that makes the carbon monoxide go up above the RV instead of out below my bedroom window. Last summer, while dry camping at the Life On Wheels seminar, the detector went off and it took alot of fanning to make it stop. I was told not to worry - the detector is very sensitive. Well, that noise is unbearable and the detector is hard-wired into the wall and not easily replaced. I spent almost $300!

Got back after 5 PM and after looking for mail, contacting Pink to come look at the awning tomorrow, returning the borrowed key, and putting away all the new purchases, I remembered that my neighbors told me I should be able to hook into cable to get more channels here! So, I had to take the cable that had been for the laptop back in Albany, and pull it through the RV in order to connect it to the outside post and to the incoming cable jack. It was pretty dark at this point, so I got to use the compartment lights to see what I was doing. After hooking up the cable, I came and tried the TV - changed the input mode and searched for channels. No difference! I give up!

Time for a beer!

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