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Doreen, Susan, Beth

Deb & Laura

Laura, Beth, Susan, Kivet, me, Jo, Patti, Susan, Doreen, Madge, Deb

Madge, me, Deb on "our" campsite

tent replaced with my RV

living area at unreserved site

First turtle I saw

King of the hill

typical southern picture for us northeners

I think he was checking us out!

blue heron

On March 29, I spent the morning with Deb & Laura and before too long, friends of theirs (most are new friends to them too!) started coming to visit for the day or two. Madge & Susan had a site right next to Deb & Laura, thanks to Deb.

Jo & Patti have a chocolate Lab named Jack, who is very well-behaved and friendly. He just has a little insecurity issue when Jo leaves him alone for any length of time.

I went bicycling with Doreen and Beth and Susan. Susan knows the park and took us on a long (11 mile) ride through a marvelous trail.

Monya and Kivet also visited. Monya took some pictures of the group that I used in my collection. Kivet just celebrated her 75th birthday with these people and other friends. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. They RV on vacations and enjoy their house and land.

Madge and Susan also have a house and use the RV to get away to various areas of the eastern USA, but plan on going to California this year! They have been RVing for many years in a few Class C motorhomes. I love how they have personalized at least the one they use now.

Deb helped me to get an unreserved campsite for the nights of March 31 and April 1. While I was told to go to the ranger station on the morning of 3/31, Deb called after 5 PM on 3/30 and pointed out that she knows a site that is not reservable is vacant so why was she just told that there is no site available? Well, because of that, she got the site. Next, Madge went with us to reserve the site for 3 nights in her name, using the senior citizen's discount of 50%. I went along to the ranger station because I might have had to register my vehicles for the site, but that wasn't necessary.

In order to make the site look occupied on 3/30, Deb let me borrow her pup tent. Deb, Susan and I put it up and set out a chair next to it. It is a weird-shaped site, so when I moved my RV from the old site to this one, we put the car in first for easy hook-up, then backed in the RV. The living area ended up being on the opposite side from the entrance door, but that was okay - I couldn't put out the awning anyway, and I didn't spend much time at the site!

Susan and I rented a canoe and she practiced steering while I learned to paddle a canoe! We did very well, never hitting a bank or getting stuck on rocks or islands, and even steering around corners and under overhanging trees - what fun! The river was calm and clear. As you can see, we saw lots of turtles, alligators, and some birds.

The next day, Deb, Laura, Madge, Susan, and I went hiking on one of the trails along the river. We started at the suspension bridge built by the Civil Corps of Engineers during the Depression, and ended upstream past the relatively gentle rapids in the small river (I almost called it a creek!). On our way back, we saw a deer in the woods! how neat!

On 4/1, Deb & Laura pulled out and headed for their next stop, Magill AFB (both are Navy retirees). I visited Fort Foster in the afternoon (see the next entry), listened and sang to songs along the river after dark, sat at my own campfire, and thoroughly enjoyed life.

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