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Oh boy, what a journey. The first part of it almost ranks with our night bus hell journey in Malawi.

We were actually picked up in the dark at our hotel by a very old looking bus which was already packed. There were no other choices from this out of the way place. I had booked a ticket which guaranteed that we sat together, so people had to move for us. Then they crammed even more in so all the corridors were full and people were leaning all over me (Tony this time) And on top of all that, it had poured with rain through the night and we knew that we were climbing over some bigs hills for the first part of the journey to Kbale.

So people were swaying all over the place and outside (once it got light) we could see that the rain had been coming down the mountains and was washing the road away! This was one of those times that it would be better for it to stay dark! There was one stage when Nancy had a big panic attack, as she could see how close our wheels were coming to going over the edge, just when we crossed a very large slip from the road. Boy, did we breathe a sigh of relief when we got to the flats of Kbale. It had taken over three hours of torture to go about 60kms! Partly because of road conditions and more because the bus was dangerously overloaded. Kbale is a big town and here we re-joined the road that we had travelled to Rwanda on (from Kampala). The other relief from here on was that loads of people got off the bus, so we at last had some breathing space!

But like most of our journeys, there was a very special side to it, and that was the magical moment at dawn when we could see the top of the chain of volcanoes above the clouds, and from our height on the road, we could also see beneath the clouds to the valleys as well. Very stunning sight indeed. This was the reason after all for coming the Kisoro-Kbale route and it was like something out of a fairy story. A great memory to leave behind - the land of the mountain gorillas.

Rest of the journey was on repeated ground, but made it safely back to Kampala. Stayed in the centre, at an upgrade in price for us, the Tourist hotel. Good choice for location as tomorrow morning we go straight back to central bus station to go north-east to Mt. Elgon National Park. Also had the very interesting view from our 5th floor room of the city, but also across the street to a tree with a large family of nesting Maribou Storks, including their ugly babies! Told you they ran this city.

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