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Since I have to leave the dustbowl I am camping in tomorrow, I decided to make the most of my afternoon by discovering the nearby area. The campground advertised that it is near an old lighthouse and the smallest police station in the world. I found the lighthouse and took a picture of it - included in the entry about Carrabelle.

Since I visited the smallest post office in the USA, I thought I should match it with the police station. I didn't find it though - imagine how small it must be! I was told it isn't used anymore and that it is the size of a phone booth in the town of Carrabelle, while I am in the town of Carrabelle Beach. I found a rotting caboose but no police station. I give up!

OK - so, onward to St. George's Island. There is a State Park there

that used to offer campsites but is now closed, due to hurricane Dennis

which blew through the area last July. I was allowed to enter, free, to look around the picnic area and kayak or bike ride if I chose. Since I travel with both bike and kayak on my car, I was prepared - almost. I brought a lunch but not a drink - I thought I would find a park and store to get a soda - oh well.

I went kayaking and ate my lunch in the bay at the park!

Cool! I spent over an hour on the water and "rowed" to the eastern end

to see if I could get a glimpse of the campground that way. The water was considered smooth, but I got splashed a bit by the waves. I have a kayak meant for quiet streams and creeks, not for bays in salt water!

I came ashore at a small island before the end of the big one where the campground was. I felt that I was on a deserted island

and conjured up thoughts of sending off messages in bottles or who I would choose to live with if I could be on this island with only one other person. The answer is private, so don't ask me who that would be! I got kind of close to these beautiful black and white birds (blovers??) but used my telephoto lens to make it look like I was closer. I hope you enjoy the picture of them sitting there facing the wind

(I just love the wind blowing across my face, whether it was skiing or bike riding or jumping out of an airplane!) and then the one where they all take off

because I took one step too close to them!

After that, I went back into town and just had to take pics of the expensive houses

and condos that are here. How do all these people come into so much money? There can't be hurricane insurance offered to them for these and maybe the stilts will help, but jeez! I loved the house with the shape of a lighthouse attached

for viewing the Gulf - different from all the others with balconies on the roof! Check out this barn-looking house

! No windows on the sides, but I guess the important thing is the windows to the Gulf on the opposite side from where I was. There was a row of skinny houses

that must be the rentals for the rich people who can afford a vacation here. Lots of houses for sale but I didn't want to see what they were going for. I bet it's because the island finally got bitten by nature and people found they weren't exempt!

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