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Hi Janet......nice falls.

A view from the look-out tower on the grounds! 82 steps up!...

A portion of the lower falls.

Ruins of the Queen Bee Mill. A fire reduced this 10 story...

This pic does not do justice. The magnificent St Joseph Cathedral, built...

We are on our way to South Dakota to change state residency. Reasons being as I explained earlier.

We won't be taking our home, so going I-70 to Kansas City, then I-435 to I-29, and on into Sioux Falls. It's about a nine hour trip, so we will probably do it in one day.

Missouri interstates were OK. We like the rest areas in Iowa. They are nice and clean and located about every 30 miles. They have RV dumping stations, and best of all, FREE Wireless Internet! Wow....way to go Iowa! Come on you other states, get with the program!

Now the interstates in South Dakota....that's another story. Nothing, for miles and miles. We didn't even see a speed limit sign until around 60 miles into the state! 75 mph and I don't think they enforce it too much. We saw one HP and he had a 18-wheeler pulled over.

We stayed at the Comfort Inn South that nite and the next day went to Alternative Resources to pick up our mail, verify that we had our vehicle registration papers in order and go to the license bureau to get our SD drivers licenses. This all took about two hours. Not bad, huh? We then went downtown to the Minnehaha County Treasurers Office to get our vehicles registered and pick up our truck and RV plates. There was a long line, but things moved fairly fast. Everything went without a hitch. Amazing!

Sioux Falls is a pretty nice city. It's located in the middle of the Sioux Empire and there are plenty of tell-tale signs around. We didn't get to do too much sight-seeing but did get to check out a few places.

The Falls of the Big Sioux River have been a focus of life in the region throughout history. Native American people were the first to visit the falls and bring stories of them to European explorers. The Falls have been the center of recreation and industry since the founding of the city of Sioux Falls in 1856. Today Falls Park covers 42 acres. Each second, an average of 7400 gallons of water drop 100 feet over the course of the falls. During the ice age some 14,000 years ago, the course of the Big Sioux was changed by glaciers advancing to the south. Years later the force of the water going over the falls was harnassed to produce hydro-electric power for a flour mill build on it's banks. Some of the buildings for the mill are still standing.

Later, we visited the St. Joseph Cathedral. We were hoping to get to take a tour, but we couldn't find anyone to let us in. I guess we were there too early in the season. It is however, a magnificent building.

After touring the old courthouse downtown, we decided to take in the city zoo. We were mildly disappointed. I guess it was early in the season, because there weren't very many animals, we probably saw maybe a dozen other people, and the admission fee was almost seven bucks per person. In our opinion, not worth it!

One interesting thing we did see was on almost every corner and lots of times in between, there were "casinos". There was the "Crown Casino", the "Come on in Casino", the "you name it casino". They were everywhere! When we went to eat later at "Famous Daves Bar-B-Q" (more about this later), we asked our waiter about the "casinos". He laughed and explained that they are video machines, they do not have table games like real casinos. This is kinda what we figured.

Now, back to Daves. This was the first time we had experienced "Famous Daves Bar-B-Q". It certainly will not be the last! Yum, great BBQ...we definitely recommend it if you have not tried it. We haven't seen any of them in Mid-Missouri, but the manager said there are all over. Guess we will have to look harder.

OK, it's late, so back to the motel and a good nite's sleep so we can drive back to MO tomorrow. We would have liked to stay longer, but will return at some other time.

More later....don't forget to check back.

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