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Christchurch Square

Christ -its a- Church

Lou and a statue

Bridge of Rememberance

Arty Farty

River walk

Don't worry its ART !!!!!

On our late arrival in New Zealand we were to put it bluntely very cold and tired and checked into the only hotel which had rooms available near to the airport. The next day we picked up our fabulous Escape Van called Insect!!! It is the oldest van in the fleet and has been driving around NZ for 15 years, on the plus side it oozes character and is very pretty on the down side and to our disbelief is soooooo old it has no CD player!!!! (after we resucitated Tbag we set off for our South Island adventure).

We walked around the very English and beautiful Christchurch - this place is a Mum's place bigtime and found the funkiest cafe bar called 'The Honey Pot' to have lunch. The food was fabulous and a definite must if your ever here, we left much heavier and walked it off around the botanical gardens. It was cold but fresh and a pleasant change from Oz where we really didn't have to wear any clothes hehehe:)

We stayed the night in a Top 10 holiday park (so overpriced how very English of them) and met a lovely Canadian who donated all the essentials like Sandfly nets, a blanket and some food for our trip.

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