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We carried on early morning to Homer Tunnel for a short nature walk and a scary drive through a very leaky and historic tunnel in which 3 people died during the process of building due to the number of avalanches in the area. When you exit on the other side you are literally in the middle of snowtopped mountains and the Fiordland - the entire drive from Te Anau to our lovely Milford is simply breathtaking. We went on a cruisey boat around Milford Sound (which is actually a Fiord and not a MILF to all you geeks out there hehehe) which is the only way you can really experience the magnitude of this special place, the boat takes you underneath a waterfall and out into the Tasman sea so you are able to see how easy this place was for explorers to miss due to its hidden entrance. The added bonus about our tour was that we had a bus load of chav japanese tourists complete with illuminous visors who fell over everytime the boat moved funny how a country who makes everything can produce so many muppets!!!

That night we camped on a lovely stoney beach next to Lake Te Anau and we had very funny hikes to the loo which was 600m away - the forest is very scary at nihht especially when you've watched every scary movie in existence and your boyfriend is Tbag!!!

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