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Devils Punchbowl

Mountain stream

Devils punchbowl falls

Arthurs pass range


Through Arthurs pass

Bridge through pass

The next day we woke early and drove through the spectacular mountain ranges to the very green and much warmer Arthurs Pass. Much of this drive was hindered by the fact that Lou was stressing over the football even when she can't see or hear it shes still just as obsessed:) After all was found to be well in North London we walked up to the spectacular Devils punchbowl waterfall, all this walking is certainly shedding some of those Aussie pounds that we've gained hehehe:)

In the afternoon we drove to the lovely Hokitika to organise our Glacier walk and find somewhere to camp for the night (or as the Kiwi's call it Freedom Park) we ended up just outside of Franz Josef all alone in the cold with no-one around but the scary & naughty Kea birds oh er missus!!

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