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Lou panning for gold

Franz Josef Glacier

edge of glacier

Up we go

Ice climbing

Ice berg ahead

Truely amazing!!!!

I see little people

Ice valley

Lou's tunnel vision

Waterfall above glacier


Amazing tour guide shane at work

Hi honey

Cheeky bag


It's HUGE!!!!

Quick break

Postcard Pic

Little ants

This day was totally AWESOME from start to finish and i know this entry will not do it justice hopefully the pics will.

We awoke and became a little worried about the ever increasing rain, as such we took shelter in a cafe while we waited for it to ease off. Our Glacier adventure which started around 10.30 that day has to be one of the coolest things we have ever done, it really cannot be described in words just how totally incredible walking onto and up a Glacier is. We got kitted out with waterproofs and hiking boots and walked the 3k's in a group of 30 to the bottom of the glacier through some flooded bush. At which point we split into groups and we opted for the adventurous and scary hiking option, basically meaning our guide Shane cuts as little steps in the ice for us as possible and we take the scary energetic route up the Glacier (well if your going to do something do it right). We then put our ice cramp on's so we could grip onto the Glacier and began our 4 hour exploration of this amazing blue ice. While this seems totally insane and highly dangerous (as the lovely girl next to me kept saying this is bloody mental) your fear dissapears once you look around you at the world which surrounds you and as our guide Shane pointed out on many occasions if you fall thats bascially it so you may aswell enjoy what could be your last day on earth!! Our hairy moments included Tbag putting his whole leg through the ice into a feezing pool of water (only Paul could manage this) and when the floor fell away from the guy infront of me and he only just leaped to safety I was a tad concerned about following afterward - Lucky we had super Shane to cut us new pathways whenever the ice had other ideas.

We finished our unbelievable hike totally shatttered and exhilarated, driving back to Hokitika for the night and Friday night rugby in the locals pub where we befriended 2 mad hunters - quote unquote so are you on your hols? ' No Were on a hunting trip" and those who have seen Supernatural will know why this scared us just a little.

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