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Surfing Lake Wanaka (of pretending) with Mt. Aspiring in the background.

Hey all,

So I left you with my predicament of having no place to stay. I went to a small cafe and sat outside and enjoyed a glass of wine. One of the bartenders picked up on my accent and asked where I was from. It turns out that he is from chicago and has been in new zealand for two years and is looking in to moving back to the states and wanted to learn more about the pacific northwest. Anyway, be it as it may he found out that I had no place to stay, and he had a friend that he was dog sitting for...so I got a bed in return for looking out after Grace (a 10 month old golden retriever). The next morning it was a bit overcast, I was a bit sore from snowboarding...and I found that I was at a loss in what to do with myself. I wasn't feeling the energy in Wanaka, so I headed back to Queenstown. On my way I picked up two Irish bloke (Liam and JP) that needed a lift. It worked out perfectly since my stereo broke, and damn...the irish are hillarious...all I did was drive and the two of them kept me entertained the entire way. It turns out that we are going to take a trip down to the Fiordlands on Tuesday. Last night was mad...Craig and Jamie own this bar called barup...it was a blast. I only slept for about an hour and a half this morning then got up and hit the slopes for one last time...right now I am fading fast. But wicked times, hey!!! Love ya all.... Tara

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