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Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne Beach

Fishing Boats in pull

Me going for a swim

Is that Samantha??? This one is for you Mom.

Me getting a $3 massage on the beach, its a rough life...

I fell asleep on my headphone cord during my massage

Shauna lounging in the shade after she got a really bad sunburn...

Our beachfront hotel for only $6


Shauna at an Italian restaurant for dinner

Me looking sexy

Sunset behind Mui Ne Beach

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Shauna eating noodle soup

Mui Ne, our second city in Viet Nam...

Mui Ne is a small sleepy beachside resort famous for making "Fish Sauce" you can literally smell it as you pull into the small town. But don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds. You actually get used to it and forget all about it once you're lying on the beach drinking 50 cent beers and soaking in the sun. The beach is about 11km long and there were hardly any people there, which made it even better.

Our bus dropped us at a hotel that had cheap rooms; the company gets kick backs for this so Shauna figured we could score a better deal if she went on a hotel hunt. Needless to say we finally settled on the hotel next door that was twice the price but because we waited too long we couldn't score the cheap hotel, it was all booked .....Oops. Nice one Shauna.

We stayed there one night and then moved to the spot the bus company suggested. I was pleased when our rate went down from 11 bucks a night to 6, yippee more beers for me!! It was a nice little room located directly on the beach so we didn't even have to walk far to jump into the sea to cool off. We stayed here for 5 nights enjoying the sun and surf.

I have learned to like seafood more and more on this trip so it was nice when I could get a big dinner of it for around 2 dollars. Before this trip I hardly ever ate seafood. Shauna stuck with the spaghetti most nights, but its not the same as at home.

We did have one funny dinner encounter, after we enjoyed a big pizza at an Italian restaurant we decided to go to another bar for cheap beers. We arrived and were greeted with sales pitches on there great deals for seafood. I was not hungry but somehow lost in translation we were led to believe I could get a whole fresh crab for under a dollar. I was sold.

Half an hour later they brought the live crab to our table with a scale and weighed it for us. Apparently, the price was about a dollar per 100 grams. The crab weighed over 500 grams, so a little over 5 dollars. I told her never mind, I wasn't hungry anyway, but since they had to go to the market and get the crab I still had to pay for it. So anyways, I ended up getting the crab, which was really good. The funny thing was though, after about 4 beers I was having trouble using the "tool," that they give you to crack it open... I ended up spraying Shauna in the face with crab juice and parts of the crab. It was all over her! Some really nasty parts too that you probably wouldnt eat. She stunk really bad after that. The remainder of the time at dinner I kept telling her, "Oh, you also have some crab in your hair, and oh there is some on your shoulder." That alone was worth the $5, and now I know how to order seafood....

On another side note we where harassed about going out to the sand dunes that are the major tourist attraction in Mui Ne every time we stepped on to the street. After talking to other travelers that went they said it was nothing special we decided to skip it. They wanted 24 dollars to look at piles of sand, No thanks.

Anyhow Mui Ne was good we worked on our tans or burns in Shauna's case. My fair skinned Maiden. It was great to be at a beach with so little other people around.

Next up "De Lat" the hillside resort for the Vietnamese honeymooners.......

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