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Beach view

Rice fields

Carting goods

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Shauna on the train

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Busy streets of Hanoi

We decided to ride the train from Hoi An to Hanoi instead of taking the bus.

The cost was a bit more but we just needed to switch it up for our own sanity. We have been touring on so many buses (about 30 bus rides!) that I think I would have gone bonkers if we had to make this journey in that mode of transit again.

The train was nice we had "A/C soft seat" tickets. The seats were soft and the A/C was so strong I felt like I was in a refrigerator box. I even had to wear socks to keep warm. One of the first times on our trip.

Shauna and I were surprised when they handed us a tray of food, apparently it was included with the price of the ticket. It was a tray of rice and a few little containers of unidentable foodstuffs. Shauna nearly tossed her cookies when she tried to eat it. You know what they say about plane food being bad—well try Vietnamese train food YUK!! All the other Vietnamese on the train seemed to feel the same way. I just ate the plain rice and Shauna picked up some cookies for dinner at a train stop.

The train was a long journey (14 hours) but it was on time and a very good change up from the buses. The views were great; lots of rice fields and small towns on the way.

We are now in Hanoi and are buying loads of souvenirs to decorate or house with.

Later tonight we are going to a "water puppet " show apparently very famous here. Should be fun.

We are planning to stay here a night or 2 and then head down to Ha Long bay for a tour on a boat. Looking forward to that....

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