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Statue in Hanoi


These ladys constantly try to put there load on our shoulders so...

Water Puppet show

Shauna at Dinner

"You want banana?"

Streets of Hanoi

Selling Bread

Nick crossing the street

Shauna crossing the street

Nick eating lunch and drinking coffee

Moto drivers

Nick at the store

Streets of Hanoi again

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Water puppet show

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Water Puppet Show

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Moto traffic

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Shauna crossing the street

We stayed in Hanoi for 5 nights after Ha long bay. Mostly just watching dvd's and sleeping in trying to recover from the partys on the boat.

The city is huge and the traffic is crazy. It was very hot the whole time we stayed here so we deciced to spend an extra dollar for AC in our room.

We went to the Water puppet show , It is world famous and has toured all over .

It was really cool ,they had live instruments and loads of cool puppets that danced around the water.

Hanoi was interesting to say the least.

Shauna drank iced coffee and I enjoyed western food the whole time.

We decided to fly back to Bangkok instead of travel over land to save some money and time. The flights over here are so cheap its amazing.

See ya soon.......

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