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Well it had to happen eventually, our flight from Cairns was delayed, we arrived at the airport at 1pm for 3pm flight, and left Cairns at 5.30pm, our connecting flight for Bangkok was waiting for us in Hong Kong, so we had to sprint to the plane, consequently our luggage never made the connection. By the time we got to our hotel to meet Selina it was about 1.30 and we were so stressed.... But hey we are on holidays so it didnt really matter that much. We had about 4 hours sleep, up early to explore the sights. It turned out a very hot but good day. We hired a tuk tuk to take us to the Golden Buddha and a few other sights. The King of Thailand has been ruling for 60 years and the people are all wearing yellow shirts with I love the King. They are so patriotic or brainwashed, not sure which. But the festivities have been great. We watched a lot of it on the telly in a/c comfort, mind blowing really. I wonder if he knows so many people are living in poverty. Looking back at this, I am still blown out by the amount of money the King spent on making himself look good. The first thing we noticed was on the way from the airport and all the trees in the streets around the palace had heaps of Christmas like lights on them, then every night there were brilliant fire works by the river and to top it off, all the royals from all around the world were flown in to enjoy the Kings big celebration. I have noted that the picture of him which adorns every major building throughout Bangkok is about 20 years old.

Oh well, the people are very passionate about their love for their King, so good for them.

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