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The Buddhist temple outside our guest house

A Thats gold shot with the king of Thailand

The Victory Monument

Buddhist Temple in Thailand.

Our day started very special, the guest house where we are staying called TupTim had a once a year buddhist ceremony out the front while we were having breakfast. A large table was set and offerings and prayers were given to Buddha, with a monk banging the gong. A woman who we nicknamed Imelda Marcos explained to us that this was a once a year happening, and this year was special because some of the Kings people were there as well. We all felt we were supposed to be there at this time.

Well it is very, very hot here. We have been so busy, got a cab to take us to skytrain which cost us 100baht for all day riding high above busy Bangkok in a/c comfort, we just seemed to go back and forward for the first few hours enjoying ourselves.Eventually got off at the Victory Monument and got a great "Thats Gold" pic in front of the Kings golden picture. The monument is in the middle of a very busy roundabout so it wasn't easy to negotiate the traffic, but Pete reminded me of what we did in Vietnam, head down and just walk, then no one is going to hit you, they seem to just slow slightly and move around you..... quite funny really, considering that we all live in quiet towns with minimal traffic. We wondered around some big department stores and back on the skytrain. This time we got off at the Siam Centre which is another very big department store with a great food court, called "Food for Fun". You are handed a swipe card at the door and everything you buy is swiped and you pay on your way out. We really fanged lots of different food in there and just sat and watched the very rich people shopping. Quite a good experience really. Back on the skytrain which was filling up with lots of yellow shirted people heading for some more King Celebrations. We got off at where we started and climbed up to the Golden Mount, which had the most incredible views of Bangkok.

We are leaving Thailand on Wednesday at 6pm and flying to Siem Reap in Cambodia.

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