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View from the Golden Mount

Golden Mount

The busy roundabout we had to cross to get a Thats Gold...

A bhuddist monk

Who is this monk sending a text to?

Up early for us to hail a tuk tuk to take us to China Town..... sounds straight forward, but alas nothing in Thailand is straight forward. We agree on price of 600 baht, we go about 50 metres and the driver stops a passerby to ask him to ask us where we are going, we show them the map, the driver then asks for extra 100 baht, it is very hot, we are all getting quite frazzled, and we soldier on after agreeing on extra 100 baht. The driver drops us at a boat stop at the river, which it turns out is nowhere near where we want to go. We just sit by the river and have a giggle then decide to get a meter taxi to take us to China Town.... wow, it wasn't worth it. We were looking for a restaurant to have some yum cha and all we found after walking many miles were shop after shop of textile merchantts.... Quite funny really, and we had nothing else to do to fill in the time till our plane left at 6pm for Cambodia.

Back to Tup Tim which has been a great place to stay, we joined in with the Kings festivities and the staff joined us in cheering Australia beating Japan in the world cup.

We pack to leave and have to check out at 12pm, we go for one last look in Kho San Road then hail taxi to take us to the airport. We have at least 3 hours up our sleeve which is just as well, because there is a major traffic jam on the 6 lane freeway. We are stationary for at least 15minutes then move about 3 car lengths then stop again. Thankfully the taxi was air conditioned. Selina and I could see the driver having a snooze in between moving. When at last the traffic did move the driver had to be prodded several times to wake up.... it became quite scary actually, but we did get to the airport safely.

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