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The neighbours at the green palace were these critters.


The worms growing at the silk farm

The worms turn into cocoons

The cocoons are stripped of their silk by a bamboo pole with...

The silk is painstakingly tied

The weaving, the tying produces

The trip to Siem Reap was a good flight and as it was dark, we just got a taxi to take us to a hotel with air/con. We checked into our room and realized we were in a casino, well a sort of casino, it had a roulette table and some pokie machines.

We showered and changed and walked to a neat hotel called Dead Fish Tower. An amazing place where Pete and I had been before, the best way to describe it is a very big tin shed with many levels of wooden bridges and stairs, lots of avante garde statues, a very big nightmare for OH&S in Australia. There were a few Khmer dancers that were very good to watch.

Next morning I was up early and went downstairs to get coffee, no such luck. Siem Reap is going through an amazing building scene, where once were great coffee shops and guest houses with nice gardens were now buildings in progress. We needed to find another room, which wasn't hard, and ended up at the Green Palace owned by a guy named Jeff from Perth who was a retired oral surgeon.

Next Day was Angkor Wat day for Selina and Pete, they had a great time there and were gone all day. I opted to go to the Silk Farm with a moto driver. I loved it and will never whinge about the price of a silk scarf again. This was a major enterprise with 400 hectares of Mulberry trees growing to produce the silk worms and then silk, very educational.

Next I went to find the blind masseuses that gave me such good treatment last time I was here but they have also been pushed out by the building spree, so went to town and had a Khmer foot massage. Cost $6 and lasted an hour, about 20 minutes on each foot and calf then almost pulled my arms out of the sockets then kneed me in the back and cracked all my bones there as well. Very relaxing.

We went to the Paper Tiger for dinner and had the best meal since we left home, of fish with lemon and pepper sauce.

Home after some beers on the verandah to pack for Phnom Penh.

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