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many armed creature

A funny ol game of chess

Where the mekong river meets the tonle sap lake...phnom penh

doing laundry in the Mekong River

Thats gold at Phnom Pehn

coconut sellers.




We all slept well and were up bright and early to have my favourite asian brekky, which was omelette and baguettes, and lovely strong coffee.... We went to the Russian Markets without getting a landmark of where we were staying, had a major tropical downpour, got ourselves drenched and couldnt find anyone to speak the slightest bit of English to find our guest house, it is called Okay GuestHouse, and everytime we asked someone they would say ok..... so with many ok's going on eventually we found a dear man who drives a tuk tuk to take us in the general direction. In fact the Okay guest house is right near one of the biggest hotels here called Hotel Cambodia so now we have our bearings. The guest house has a nice garden restaurant so we ate a good dinner had a few Lao beers and into bed early. Phom Penh is a lot cheaper than Siem Reap, so we like it. Up early again and head out to see more sights including Central Market, we meet another tuk tuk driver who speaks with a wonderful Australian accent, his name is Nick and he takes control of us for the day. Took us to a lovely place for good coffee and more markets, and more shopping, we make arrangements to go the next day to the Killing Fields and the Shooting Range.... Yep, the shooting range, where you can shoot a magazine of a M16 and an Ak47 at a target. Selina chose the M16 and Pete the AK 47, then shot the shit out of the target, it was quite bizarre. Selina then opted to throw a hand grenade into the river, amazing stuff. I donned the cammy shirt on and posed witht the AK 47, (I could end up in Guantalamo Bay I guess, ala David Hicks). I then took some pics of a buddha temple to balance my Ying and Yang.

After that bizarre experience we headed off to the Killing Fields, a very sad reminder of a very cruel time in Cambodia. The drive to and from these places took us thru beautiful rural Cambodia. A good day, which we finished off with Nick the tuk tuk driver and his wife and child at a Khmer restaurant, that was in a huge stadium, with at least 800 tables and chairs and a floor show... Very good local hospitality, we 3 were the only non Asians in the building.

Moved this morning to another district and a garden restaurant overlooking the Boeng Kak Lake, we will stay here for a few days before we head off on a 4 day tour down the Mekong to Saigon......

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