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Selina is deciding which one to eat

Snake is served

Selina tucking into her snake dinner

We were up at 6am to have a quick brekky, pack our things and get to "Oh My Buddha" cafe to begin our 4 day trip, it was the usual root around stuff, with wait here, then come this way, then wait here, until someone asked to see our tickets and we had to take our bags to another office, and eventually to the bus. Our first stop was Neak Long an hour drive thru very rural Cambodia to get on a boat to take us to Chou Dok the border town to see the Immigration Officials. Got the paper work done with no major hassles then back onto our 50ft long boat that had fold up deck chairs, it was pretty hot and very scenic on the river, this trip took us 2.5 hours of very relaxing travel. Finally arriving in the main city of Chou Dok and checked into a nice hotel. Selina had to share with an Australian girl, we had dinner on a sidewalk cafe, where two motto drivers pulled up and just stood and stared at us while we ate, they spoke no English, so no words were exchanged, it was really quite funny. Then we all had an early night to read and check out our latest pics.

Day 2.Woken at 6am for breakfast then rush, rush to go, left our bags at the hotel, and walk thru town to our next boat ride, which took us to a fish farm, which was extremely smelly, then to an ethnic minority village where they did weaving. I bought more scarfs, Selina tried on a funny hat and a sarong, then we walked along a highway to a Muslim Mosque..... the building was interesting architecturally, but so not for me to enter or look too much, so I wandered off to take some pics of the locals.By boat back to Chou Dok to board our nice air conditioned Mercedes Van to the hotel to get our bags and have some lunch. There was snake, frogs and birds on the menu, so Selina decided it was time to taste some snake, but first she went to the kitchen to view the snakes alive before they cooked it for her.... she did well, ate most of it, and she said it tasted a cross between fish and chicken. There was a lady and young child watching us eat with pleading eyes, so we gave them our leftovers, which the lady scraped into a plastic bag and her and the child ate like they hadn't eaten for days. It wasn't so sad for us really, because, we knew at least this time we had helped someone. We then left in the bus for Can Tho our next stop.

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