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Oh my Buddha Cafe, where our tour began

The fosters girl

The bride and groom

Typical wiring in hotels throughout SE Asia





Watching people do blockies on a Saturday night in My Tho

Coconut Palms that grow underwater

Can Tho is a lot bigger than I imagined it to be, in fact all the towns on the Mekong Delta are big and quite modern, and each different. We went by boat to a vermicelli factory, which was interesting, and I will be reminded of the labour that goes into a packet of vermicelli next time I eat it,next we went to the floating markets, which were wonderful, and so much life and colour. The women with their cone hats rowing their canoes to do the shopping for fruit and vegetable was a lovely eye opener. Great colours and smells, sights and people. All in all a great day. Transferred by bus to find the hotel. We checked into our hotel, this time we got a room together, had the afternoon to wander around the town, I was busy shopping for souvenirs and got some coffee cups with built in drippers. I love the drip coffee here in Vietnam and last time bought the little metal drippers to enjoy the coffee at home, these cups have china drippers with lids, and I love them, but as usual, my bag is getting too heavy to throw on my back, I will never learn not to buy heavy stuff.

We had a nice meal in what looked like an Australian corner pub, but was in fact a lovely restaurant, and after such a big day once again we were in bed early.

Next morning we went to My Tho which was once again a lot bigger than I thought it would be, a nice hotel and by now only Pete, Selina and myself left on the tour, so Selina got her own room, we had cable telly and fans, it was comfortable, but grubby, but the beds were clean. We wandered around the town of My Tho and went to one of only 2 restaurants in town, and there was a wedding in progress, it was a great thing for us, we had to pass the guests eating to get to the toilet, so we took our time and took in all the sights, I stood behind the official photographer and got some lovely pics of the bride and groom. The room where we ate our dinner was overlooking the river, and buggar me there was a Fosters Bar, with a Vietnamese Fosters girl serving draught Fosters, I found this to be so amusing, considering I know no one that drinks Fosters in Australia. After dinner we wandered down the main street and come across a little cafe, with the deck chairs all lined up facing the street, I had seen this before in Vietnam, it is something the people like to do, watch the passing parade. We sat down and were given a complimentary cup of green tea and just watched. What we saw was hundreds of people on their 90cc to 125cc motor bikes, with one, two, three or four people on them doing what we at home call "Blockies" It was Saturday night, so there were lots of people just driving by.... On our way back to our room we went to a large supermarket, where Pete and Selina both bought the most hideous, glittery, kitchy gold buddha snow dome, cepting instead of snow it was gold flecks, it cost them about 80 cents, and had us laughing all the way home.

We got to sleep in till 9am, with enough time to have breakfast and head off on our final day of the tour. It was the very best day of all of them. We crossed the road and boarded another boat which took us to Coconut Island, where they make Coconut Candy, we got to taste the candy and buy some, then some honey and lemon tea which was delicious, then some banana wine. We all bought some souvenirs including some candy. Then we saw a demo on the honey bees and Selina an Pete got to drape a big Python around their necks, Selina was worried in case the snake recognised her as a "Snake eater"

Next we were back on our boat to another island where we transferred to a canoe and rowed along some amazing jungle waterways where the Coconut Trees grow under water, in fact 20metres underwater, with just the tops showing above the water line. This was great, we donned Vietnamese Cone hats and were taken to another island where we were served tropical fruit and green tea, finished off with some musicians and lovely young singers.... A wonderful day was had by us.

Time for the tour to end and head to Saigon, which was 2 hours by bus. We are here now and have checked into a nice guest house.

Bumped into an Irish guy named Robert, who we had met a few days earlier, he took us to a nice restaurant on the fourth floor for dinner and drinks. Four floors doesn't sound like much, but there is no lifts or escalators, and the toilets are on the 2nd floor. A great meal, many Vodkas for me, Bacardis for Selina and beers for Pete, we finally fell into bed about 1.30am.

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